PayPal is Now Supporting BTC Trading.

Bitpal Offers an Easy and Lucrative Way to Trade the Developing BTC Boom!

You Could Earn a potential profit of $5,200 Within Months by Investing only USD250

BitPal Features

Easy to Use Platform

BitPal offers an easy way to trade BTC volatility. You only need to sign up on this page and deposit as little as USD250. The BitPal trading algorithm will analyze market trends and place bets on your behalf.

Seamless withdrawal process

BitPal conducts all trading automatically and notifies you when certain thresholds of profitability are attained. You can choose to withdraw or reinvest the profits. We offer an easy and safe withdrawal process.

Powerful Trading Algorithms

The BitPal trading algorithms analyze the markets within a split second and implement trades at a high accuracy level. With us, you could turn an investment of just $250 to over $1000 within a few hours of trading.

Why Trade with BitPal?

With BitPal, you could generate an ROI of 25% daily. There is no other trading system in the industry with such a high return rate. A daily ROI of 25% can grow a $250 account into a fortune in less than ten months of compounding the profits.

Some of our users have already made fortunes through the compounding approach. BitPal offers you a stable cash flow from the first day of trading if you invest a considerable amount. You need to deposit at least $500 to withdraw significant profits from the first day of trading.

BitPal is easy and fun to operate. We are always working towards improving our UI to offer the best trading experience to our clients. Moreover, we allow instant withdrawals, and you can withdrawal up to $50,000 in a day.

Trade BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, and other cryptos


1. Is BitPal a scam?

We have made adequate disclosures to prove our legitimacy and help you make an informed trading decision. BitPal is widely reviewed and highly rated.

2. How do I download the BitPal App?

Our web-trader is also available as a hybrid app. You can use this app on your Android or iOS smartphone devices. Download the app via a link provided after the registration.

3. Does BitPal offer a signup bonus?

The underlying brokers may offer signup bonuses of up to 100%. However, these bonuses aren’t guaranteed. The partner brokers are independent, and hence we do not influence their terms and conditions.

4. Is BitPal a safe trading platform?

We have invested in the best safety tools to ensure a secure trading environment. All our clients have a guarantee of data and funds safety.

5. Is BitPal available in my country?

We are available in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. You can also trade with us from Australia and a few countries in the Middle East and Africa.

6. How much does BitPal cost?

BitPal is free for all clients. The $250 deposited on signup is your capital and should reflect in your trading balance. We depend on our highly trustworthy brokers to handle deposits and withdrawals.

An In-depth Look at BitPal

What is BitPal?

Automation is taking over trading by storm, with the best performing institutional investors making the most money through trading bots.

BitPal is a powerful system for automated bitcoin trading. We are among the extremely few AI-powered HFT trading systems available to the general masses. Our goal is to make bitcoin speculation easier for the ordinary person.

BitPal uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study the crypto markets and identify trading opportunities. We have been around since the bitcoin boom and have helped thousands live their financial dream.

You can easily get started with us and make money from the first minute of trading. Crypto speculation, in general, is risky, and hence you shouldn’t put all your savings into it. We encourage all our clients to only commit what they can afford to lose.

How does BitPal work?

Trading with us is easy if you take the time to familiarize yourself with our trading system. We have made the trading preparation process quite straightforward.

Please register with us on this site by submitting your name and email through the form displayed on this page.

We will receive your application and automatically assign you to one of our brokers. Authenticate your BitPal account by submitting additional information as requested by the broker.

Fund your account through any of the methods suggested by our partner brokers. The minimum deposit is USD250.

Read the BitPal manual and take a risk-free tour using the BitPal demo platform. Please note that the demo fully simulates the live trading process.

Set BitPal as explained in the manual and click the “TRADE LIVE” button to start using our trading system.

BitPal and Celebrities

We are a famous auto-trading system with high-level media coverage on both mainstream and alternative media.

BitPal is covered over ten times on leading publications in Asia, Europe, and Australia. We have also been reviewed highly on independent consumer platforms such as Trustpilot. The feedback is generally good.

BitPal, like any other top-rated trading system, is targeted by fake news, as explained below. Keep reading to learn more.

BitPal and Elon Musk – A fake news article claims that we have received over a million dollars in investment from Elon Musk. Musk is the founder of PayPal and a big fan of bitcoin and Dogecoin. However, he hasn’t invested in us.

BitPal and Richard Branson – Branson is also rumoured to have put millions of dollars in our trading system. However, this isn’t true! We haven’t sourced any financing from angel investors.

BitPal Review – Key Facts!

Trading with is not only fun, but you could generate a fortune within a short time. A lot of people have tried us and transformed their lives. Below are some interesting facts about our trading system.

BitPal is founded on AI technology and combines up to 25 HFT techniques. Our trading system is arguably the best for bitcoin shorting.

You don’t need any crypto investment background to make money with our system. Some of our highly successful clients have never participated in any form of trading before.

BitPal allows you to bet on bitcoin like a pro using any desktop or mobile device. Our system is only in web-trader version but can be converted to a hybrid mobile app.

Is BitPal Legit? The Verdict!

Thousands of clients have reviewed BitPal and concluded that it’s safe and can be trusted. We have invested in the best platforms and are always working hard to offer our clients a magical trading experience.

BitPal makes bitcoin speculation easy by automating the whole trading process. You don’t need any crypto background to use our AI-driven trading system successfully. Many experts review us as a highly advanced auto-trading system.

You can try us by registering through the signup form at the top of this page. BitPal could transform your finances, but it could also lead to losses. We advise all our clients to only trade with what they can afford to lose.

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